REALationships (couples path)

We are in a time when relationships are going through major redesigns. People are unsatisfied in love; we don’t know how to make relationships work. And, believe it or not, this isn’t a bad thing. When systems break down, that’s when they change. But what exactly is a conscious loving relationship that bursts with freedom, aliveness, pleasure and provides trust and healing at the same time? How do we surf the wind instead of tumble through the waves of a life lived together? Unlock the cyclical codes of your relationship patterns and understand how they are pointing you to expand your capacity to love fully. Join Dara and Simon to learn about the tools they use to sail the wild and deep see of relating and discover a magical map that can help navigate all weather.


Dara and Simon

Dara and Simon are cutting into the 4 greatest taboos of our times: Sex, Power, Death and Truth. For it is only when we face our deepest fears that hide in the depth of our suppressed longings, that we can free ourselves at the very core. They not only share life and love as partners in shine since 7 years, but also the passion to radically shift the way we relate to self, others, nature and the whole of existence. 

As co-creators of the bold and rather unconventional retreat NAKED, various workshop formats and online courses, they bring their one of a kind approach of laughter, depth, music and transformation to a courageous community all over the globe. 

Above all the accolades and certificates they have acquired over the years (such as sexological bodyworker/tao tantric arts etc.), they remain simply and humbly: Human AF.