Tantric Dance (couples path)

Dance with your partner the Tantric Dance where one creates the dance and the other receives. By playing with this polarity you can become shiva and shaki that work together to circulate their energies and melt als one. After practical explenations you will both dance and experience this magical dance form where the reciever is blindfolded to get into full surrender. This workshop is fun and playful but at the same time it touches deeply and lets you connect with your partner in new ways.


Rakesh & Elfriede

Raised in the Osho Commune and received his name Swami Deva Rakesh in 1981 by Osho. He kept this name ever since, even after leaving the commune. He travelled throughout India and many times in the Himalaya’s on his journey to self realisation. He is well experienced in Osho meditations, Vipassana, Kriya Yoga, Advaita Vedanta, Buddhist Tantra and Neo Tantra.

After assisting several renowned tantra teachers, he started his own center called Art of Loving in 2007. During a tantra retreat he developed a new tantra exercise called Tantric Dance. This has been shared since 2007 by trained teachers around the world.
For years he hosted men's groups, mixed tantra retreats and since 2017 he has been hosting the Tantra Festival Amsterdam together with his beloved Elfriede.

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Teacher for more then 10 years, and has a specialty in working with women and couples. Training as a healing tao teacher, and organiser of the tantra festival amsterdam and tantric dance, her work is typical for her sense of humour, depth and loving grounding. Also she has a deep love for priestess work and womb temples.