Return to Intimacy (life force path) [couples only]

Explore the depth of connection and communication in your relationship. Join us for a journey into your authentic self, and explore contact with each other from a space of intimate self inquiry. Work with transparent communication, nervous system co-regulation, consent and breath work to explore our needs and desires in connection with each other. We practice honoring the truth in ourselves and each other and connecting from empowered vulnerability. You will get to drop into your relational field and intelligence, and emerge feeling reborn as a couple.


Marie & Troy

Troy Carter and Marie Winter live life as a path of curious exploration, learning and self-awareness. They bridge a vision for global system change with passionate research in intimacy with self, lover, community, and all of nature. 

Marie is a VITA certified Sex, Love and Relationship Coach and Therapeutic Breath Work Facilitator. She supports couples and individuals to have healthy communication, vibrant intimacy and create the relationship that they desire.

Troy is a climate entrepreneur and spiritual explorer. Together they create and facilitate transformational experiences globally, using transformational psychology and trauma informed somatic modalities to deepen communication, healing and intimacy. 

Their work is based on many beautiful teachers and lineages that they love and honor: including Esther Perel, Stan Tatkin, Harville Hendrix, Christopher Wallis, Jack Zimmerman, Layla Martin, A.H. Almaas, Thomas Hubl and Tamera Peace Research Center.