Selflove and Play (sexual healing path)

A intro into the first and most important experiences of awakening to touch. In this sessions, you will access undiscovered realms of your own physical pleasure as you learn how to activate your awareness of your skin and communicate!

Pleasure is a journey that will guide you into a new sensory experience that your own skin can bring, when you truly learn to love yourself.

Play is a transformative inquiry into the nature of giving and receiving. It is a practice that can be both playful and deep, as we dive into a new reality of touch, intimacy and connection related to consent.


Matt Schwent

German-born citizen who has been traveling and teaching internationally since 2010.

He is a trained facilitator in the fields of Sacred Sexuality and Tantra, and has been working with different healing modalities such as counseling, guided meditation, and bodywork, for over 20 years. His sessions and teachings are grounded in a background of trauma research and neurophysiology.

Matt considers himself a student of life, and finds himself inspired by everything that resonates with the key values of connection, transformation, and love. In his unending search for authentic experience, Matt has walked many paths, including those of Tao yoga, shamanism, and energy work. In 2011, he found his calling within somatic practices and consent, and has been studying and fine-tuning this work ever since.

Matthias developed the Somatic Consent Engagement System in 2019, and has dedicated his life to guiding thousands of people through this evolutionary process in settings that range all the way from festivals, to workshops, to professional private sessions.


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