Enjoy the Desire (sexual healing)

How can you change the meaning of desire in your life? Almost all religions warn for the dangers of desire. In our modern Western culture, we think we have liberated ourselves to live the full desire. We have discovered in tantra that both fully expressing or suppressing does not provide the essential loving connection with yourself or a partner. Tantra offers a third way, based on Tibetan Tantric Buddhism. According to this tantric view, wanting desire is suffering, but pure desire is a state of enlightenment. By meditating on all your desires, emotions and beliefs that you encounter in everyday life, you can discover that you can enjoy the desire without indulging or suppressing it, and that is very liberating. In this workshop we take you into a number of tantric meditations that you can do in everyday life: looking curiously at strong emotions, discovering that you can also be in contact online and a sexuality in which the ecstasy and meditation melt together.
We give you the space to share what you have experienced and we give meaning to your experience from our 25 years of tantra experience. We have discovered that it is possible in an online workshop to experience together how we can free ourselves in desire and love and thus experience the connection together. In this way we will contribute together to a loving world in which contradictions are bridged and people can meet each other respectfully.
This workshop is based on our new, successful (already second edition) book Tantra, the secret of love (the book is in Dutch).



Jan & Caroline

We have been providing tantra trainings for 25 years. We published a number of tantra books in which spiritual experience and scientific knowledge come together. We have been organizing the Dutch tantra festival since 2004. We gave workshops at a number of international tantra festivals. Now we also give online workshops and organized a dutch online tantra festival.
Tantra is a way of life for us: the discovery that love is a choice that you can practise, so that we can live more and more in connection with ourselves, each other and the world. And the discovery that sex and meditation can melt together in a life energy that can flow 24 hours a day. In our workshops we share this interactively: exercises, a sharing and from our in-depth knowledge of tantra we give meaning to your experiences. In this way you can make the tantric secret of love from Tibetan Buddhism a fascinating, ecstatic and loving part of your own life.

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