The Art of Conscious Love (sexual healing path)

As experts in yoga, conscious sexuality and more; their teaching style is clear and down to earth.

Their class is about

  • A spiritual and personal growth system based on psychology, science, Yogic, Tantric and Taoist principles.
  • Teaching Self-love to evolve into truly profound levels of intimacy with another.
  • Encouraging you to live fully in the present moment.
  • Guiding you to tune into the wisdom of your body.
  • The beauty of this course is that it addresses all the levels of your being.

The techniques that will be shared in this workshop empower you to heal, purify, balance and evolve every aspect of yourself. We discuss the philosophy, practices and curriculum of the “Art of Conscious Love”. You will learn how to apply practical tools for healing, empowering and transforming individuals and couples.



Dalia & Jason Milne

Dalia and Jason Milne are certified relationship coaches who guide couples and individuals to use sexual energy and conscious communication for healing, creativity, transformation and awakening to the Divine within. As a married couple, who are also parents, they teach how to maintain profound intimacy, passion and depth in a long-term, committed relationship as a spiritual path for evolution. They incorporate traditional Tantric and Taoist practices for working with subtle energy to purify, balance and empower individuals and couples to connect through all five subtle bodies. Jason has been practicing yoga for more than 21 years and teaching for more than 18 years. He has been a manager/lead teacher of over 25 (200h, 300h & 500h) yoga teacher training courses internationally. In 2012, Jason founded, led and taught at the Ananda Yoga Sanctuary, a non-profit, free yoga school for the local community on the island of Maui in Hawaii. Before becoming a yoga teacher, he earned a Master of Education degree and was a secondary school teacher in the USA for five years.

Dalia has been passionately studying and practicing Tantric and Taoist sacred sexuality for more than a decade. She completed several teaching programs, including a Master of Education degree and has been teaching internationally since 1995. Dalia is also a certified yoga teacher, published author, artist, wife and devoted mother.

Currently both Dalia and Jason are sharing their experience and knowledge in various workshops, immersions and private coaching sessions all around the world.