Awakening the Inner Queen (life force path) [men & women]

There is a Queen inside of all of us.
Whether you are in a Male body or Female body.
In this workshop, we will dive into the areas of your life where you have not been showing up in your Queendom.
We will feel all the pain, struggle and sacrifice, and transmute all of it to thrown you properly on your Queen’s chair.
Come for a fun, interative, experiential journey into the heart of your Inner Queen.
Be willing to confront your shadow.
Be willing to let go of all aspects of yourself that are no longer serving.
It’s time to awaken the Queen inside.. she has been waiting a long time to be seen, heard and received.
See you there.



Aaron Kleinerman

A transformational coach, mentor and speaker on sex and relationships. He is the lead male teacher for the Embodied Awakening Academy, a Tantric Practioner, and creator of The Conscious Mans Guide to the Bedroom. He has learned from the great masters of sexuality and transformation, including obtaining a master's degree in spiritual psychology. Aaron went from a licensed ship captain to a specialist in sexual behavior and movement that controls souls. His workshops, retreats, sessions and speeches help people integrate exercise, psychology, sexuality and spirituality. He speaks and teaches honestly and transparently so that others can unravel the real reason for their human existence. Aaron's mastery as a teacher provides the practical tools everyone needs to implement embodied awakened intelligence in everyday life.